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About license extensions

Enterprise licenses (formerly known as site licenses) enable multiple users in your organization to work with NVivo for a period of time. Each enterprise license has a license key that needs to be entered and activated for each NVivo installation. It is important that the license key is activated on all the installations of NVivo as soon as possible.

Once an enterprise license is renewed, your organization will receive a new license key that you use to extend the existing license.

You cannot extend a license that has not been activated. If a license expires before it is activated, you must replace the license key.

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Extending an existing license via the software

You can extend a license as long as the existing license has already been activated on the computer.

To extend a license before it expires:

  1. Choose NVivo > Licensing > Extend License.

  2. Enter the new license key.

  3. Click Next, and then activate the new license key.

NOTE  To extend an activated license that has already expired, enter the new license key in the screen which is presented when you try to open the software.

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Unattended extension of a license

You can also perform an unattended license extension.

Once you extend a license with a new key, you also need to activate the new key.

Refer to Mass deployment (Unattended license extension) for more information.

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