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NVivo 11 Mac

This topic describes the different types of licenses that are available for NVivo for Mac.

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About license keys

Each Mac computer that runs NVivo Mac software needs a license key, which can be either an NVivo Mac license key or an NVivo 11 (Windows) license key. The first part of the license key indicates which platform it can be used on.

License keys that start with:

  • 'NM*11'  can be used to install and activate NVivo 11 Mac only

  • 'NV*11'  can be used to install and activate NVivo 11 (Windows). It can also be used to install and activate NVivo 11 Mac providing the license key has access to Pro or Plus editions of NVivo 11 (Windows). Refer to Understand licensing (NVivo 11 for Windows) for more information on product editions.

Each license key can be used on a limited number of devices. Refer to your enterprise license agreement (also known as site license agreement) or the End-User License Agreement.

To view the End-User License Agreement after NVivo for Mac is installed:

  • Choose NVivo > About NVivo, and then click License Agreement.

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Full licenses

A full license allows you to install NVivo on a maximum of two devices and use it indefinitely. Each full license provides a single license key for each individual user.

Full licenses can be purchased as either single licenses or multiple licenses.  Discounts apply for purchases of three or more licenses.

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Student licenses

Full time students can purchase twelve-month time-limited licenses to use NVivo for educational purposes.

If this type of license has expired, then the user can purchase a new license key to extend their license.

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Enterprise licenses

Enterprise licenses (formerly known as site licenses) allow you to install NVivo on multiple computers up to the maximum number of licenses that your site has purchased. The enterprise license covers a three year period.

Active enterprise licenses entitle you to free upgrades when new software is released.

If you are an enterprise license customer, it is your obligation to ensure that the total number of QSR software product installations does not exceed the permitted number of users you are entitled to have under your enterprise license agreement.

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