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What is NVivo?

NVivo 10 Windows is a desktop application that is available in 32-bit and 64-bit versions. NVivo lets users organize, analyze and visualize information—anything from Word documents and PDFs to videos, podcasts, photos and database tables. Users can organize their material by topic and uncover trends and emerging themes. The visualization tools let them create diagrams, charts or models to present and clarify their discoveries.

Users may store their work (the data they import or create, plus their analysis) as NVivo 10 Windows project (.nvp) files, or as NVivo Server projects if using NVivo Server. Refer to Data storage models for more information.

For further information about using NVivo, refer to Other NVivo 10 resources.

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Collaboration in NVivo

It is possible to collaborate in a standalone project stored locally or on a network drive. The simplest way for team members to collaborate on a standalone project, it to work with a single project file—however, only one user can open and work with the project at a time.

If your users need to work in a team on the same project, you should consider combining NVivo 10 Windows with NVivo Server. The NVivo Server allows concurrent multi-user access—this means that everyone in a team can work on the same project at the same time. Team members can code, annotate, and link source content at the same time.

Make sure that team members collaborating in a standalone project or a server project are using the same version (and service pack) of the NVivo software. Projects in NVivo 10 Windows format cannot be opened in NVivo 9. If team members are not using the same service pack, they may not be able to use the same features—for example, users with NVivo 10 Windows Service Pack 2 (or later) can work with YouTube videos collected with NCapture, but users with earlier versions of NVivo cannot use this feature.

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