Release notes

NVivo 12 Windows

For more information about new features and enhancements in recent versions of NVivo 12, refer to What's New in the NVivo Help.

For information about known issues in this software, refer to the FAQs section of the QSR website.

Version 12.6.1 – July 2021

  • Improved: For coding comparison, kappa values are now calculated separately for region and text coding.

Version 12.6 – 14 November 2019

  • Added: Unattended update of NVivo via the command line.

  • Improved: REFI-QDA project transfers. Import/export of memos and annotations and export of sets now supported.

  • Improved: General security improvements.

  • Improved: Screen reader support. Narrator and JAWS can now be used to read PDF content.

  • Improved: Searching for specializations and generalizations in text search query and word frequency query.

  • Improved: General localization improvements.

  • Resolved: Some web pages captured using NCapture for Chrome would not import.

  • Resolved: Editing and then coding the same transcript row could cause NVivo to close unexpectedly.

  • Resolved: Transcription language could not be selected for some files.

  • Resolved: Some coding query criteria could cause NVivo to close unexpectedly.

  • Resolved: Updating the file location of a media file imported from a REFI-QDA project could cause NVivo to close unexpectedly.  

Version 12.5 – 3 July 2019

  • Improved: REFI-QDA project transfers, including data files and memos in NVivo sets now imported.

  • Resolved: Qualtrics surveys containing rank order questions could not be imported.

  • Resolved: When transcribing a media file, could not type 't' or 'P' in the transcript.

  • Resolved: Transcript rows could not be sorted correctly in time order.

  • Improved: Database update to Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Local DB SP3

  • Improved: Security improvements for software update downloads.

  • Improved: Users cautioned when opening external files or web sites from NVivo externals.

Version 12.4 – 7 May 2019

  • Added: Support for the REFI-QDA Standard. You can import and export projects in QDPX format supported by other qualitative analysis software.

  • Improved: General security improvements.

  • Resolved: Characters did not always display correctly when typing in transcript and picture logs in non-Latin alphabet languages.

  • Resolved: Some web pages using NCapture for IE did not import.

  • Resolved: Some NVivo Server projects gave a connection error when trying to open in read-only mode.

  • Resolved: Some Matrix Coding queries displayed no chart data.  

  • Resolved: Working with coding highlighting set to Coding for All Nodes could sometimes cause NVivo to close unexpectedly.

  • Resolved: Cancelling a password request when importing secure PDFs could cause NVivo to close unexpectedly.

Version 12.3 – 26 February 2019

  • Added: Screen reader support. Narrator and JAWS now supports List View, context menus, the ribbon, Ctrl+Tab menu and Backstage view.

  • Added: Users on 64 bit machines who run 32 bit versions of NVivo will be reminded to upgrade to the 64 bit version.

  • Added: Support for keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+T) to insert the current date and time in the Description field for project item properties.

  • Improved: Classification terminology has been revised for French user interface.

  • Improved: The Codebook Exchange Format (.qdc) has been updated to use the 1.0 schema.

  • Resolved: Some users could not connect to SurveyMonkey. Note: IE11 or above is required to import from SurveyMonkey.

  • Resolved: Classification sheet column sort order.

  • Resolved: myNVivo account log out issue.

  • Resolved: Zoom did not work on sociograms.

Version 12.2 – 9 October 2018

  • Added: The ability to transcribe audio and video files from NVivo with the automated transcription service NVivo Transcription.

  • Discontinued: The interface to the transcription service TranscribeMe. This has been replaced with NVivo Transcription.

Version 12.1 – 26 June 2018

  • Added: The ability to import and export codebooks in the Codebook Exchange Format (.qdc).

  • Added: A new feedback method allowing you to suggest a new feature or to report a bug.

  • Added: Ability to change the user interface language. NVivo is available in English, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish.

  • Improved: Keyboard navigation is now available within NCapture imports, hierarchy charts, and project items in the Select Project Items dialog box. It has also been improved in Node reference view, source detail view, and datasets.

  • Improved: The ability to view, edit, and re-run your Matrix Coding query in Detail View, while viewing the query results below it.

  • Improved: Pattern based auto coding now takes into account 'uncoded' content when making comparisons (NVivo Plus only).

  • Improved: Automated download and installation of updates without leaving the application.

  • Resolved: Reports and extracts using the Case Classification view were not returning results.

NVivo 12.0 – 20 March 2018

  • Added: A crosstab query to show how coding is distributed across cases, and against attributes, with frequency totals.

  • Added: The ability to export numerical data (classification sheets, matrix coding query results, crosstab query results) into SPSS (.sav) format, and to import SPSS files as classification sheets.

  • Improved: A simplified terminology to better reflect the research process.

  • Improved: A streamlined ribbon to make features easier to find.

  • Improved: An enhanced Navigation View with a Quick Access folder for frequently used items.

  • Added: New autocoding option to code responses from multiple speakers in a transcript to separate cases.

  • Improved: More control over pattern based coding (NVivo Plus only).