Updating NCapture

NCapture for Internet Explorer

The NCapture browser extension is updated regularly to keep pace with changes to Internet Explorer and social media sites, so it is important to keep the NCapture software up-to-date. For example, NCapture may need to be updated if Internet Explorer is updated or there is a change to the Twitter website.

NCapture may also be updated when a new version of service pack of NVivo is released. It is important to update NCapture when you upgrade your NVivo software.

NCapture for Internet Explorer automatically checks for software updates and notifies users when an update is available. We recommend that users update their NCapture software as soon as an update is available.

If an update is available, users will be prompted to download the new version when they use NCapture. Users can choose to install the latest version, skip the update or be reminded again later.

Users with administrator privileges are able to update NCapture themselves.

Users without administrator privileges will need you to assist them.  Download the latest version of NCapture for Internet Explorer and then install it using your preferred deployment method. When you install a newer version of NCapture, the older version is automatically uninstalled.