Working with SSL certificates

NVivo Server 11 R2

During the installation process for NVivo Server, you can choose to use an SSL certificate to host NVivo Server Manager. This creates a secure connection (HTTPS) between NVivo Server Manager, NVivo Server and the NVivo client. It means that all communication is encrypted, ensuring privacy and data integrity.

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Selecting an SSL certificate to host NVivo Server Manger

During installation of NVivo Server, you have the opportunity to select an SSL certificate to host NVivo Server Manager using a secure connection (HTTPS). The installer detects certificates in the LOCALMACHINE > MY certificate store location.

If you don't select a certificate, NVivo Server Manager is hosted on an insecure connection (HTTP).

For more information about SSL certificates, see the following MSDN articles:

Select an SSL certificate after installation

You need to specify the certificate during installation. If you want to select a certificate later, you can run the upgrade.bat to be able to select a certificate. For more information, refer to Upgrade NVivo Server.

Renew an expired certificate

When your SSL certificate expires, renew the certificate using the appropriate method in IIS. NVivo Server will automatically detect the new details because the binding already exists between NVivo Server and the certificate. For more information about renewing SSL certificates, see the article Renewing your IIS SSL Certificate.